I am proceeding with my 30 day training about PLUG-IN PROFIT SITE. I am still overwhelmed by all the information and the possibilities they offer, but also determined to get through the 30 days.
There is a lot of learning ahead of me before I know what I’m doing… “Rome was not build in a day”,right?

I feel like I’m writing a diary..I never wrote one…I guess there is a first time for everything.

Something tells me, there are going to be a lot of FIRSTs this year.
I am doing things way outside of my comfort zone…new things:-). It is exciting, I got to say:-).
I joined a network marketing company…I have to mention here, that I am not comfortable with selling anything to anyone:-). But I still did it…
This led me to advertising online, and a decision to try and put everything together; starting a home business.
It is fun, I got to tell you. I am not making much yet…just started the process, but I can see great possibilities and that keeps me going and learning. I am high on life! Not taking anything, I promise!

Ok, off for a run and back to work!!

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