Like I mentioned  yesterday,  while working on “project webpage”, I am also working on my “Gold” business.   It is how I stumbled on Traffic Monsoon.

A lady that I have met recently recommended that I try it.  As she put it: “you can advertise your Gold business, and make some money while doing it, so it’s a win-win”.              I think she is on to something:-).                                                       

I have been advertising with Traffic Monsoon for over 5 weeks now, and I am very grateful to her for introducing me to it.

Apparently revenue sharing has been around for a while, but it was  news to me!

If you really stop and think about it, why not?? Maybe that’s the direction  all companies will go…. More and more  have affiliates programs already, where you earn money or points for sharing and advertising their products.

Traffic Monsoon is a company where you can advertise your business, product or service and share in their revenue profits. It is great! I hope they will be around forever!                                                                            And it is affordable advertising  comparing to Google, FB and others. It is  perfect home businesses, just like mine.

Have a great day!

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