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I found this article by Robert Kiyosaki (author of “Rich dad, poor dad”). I copied a piece of it… It is a worthwhile read..

Now that the U.S. Election is over – I have good news & I have bad news…
Let me start first with a harsh reality. No matter what anyone is saying – things are getting bad out there & they’re only going to get worse. See, the World has changed, however, we’re still running out  of old and faulty programming.
It’s crazy!
Here’s what we’re taught through the “OLD rules of Wealth…”
#1 – Go To School
#2 – Get a Job
#3 – Work Hard
#4 – Pay Your Taxes
#5 – Save Your Money
#6 – Get Out of Debt
#7 – Invest For The Long Term
#8 – Retire
Let me ask you something – does that REALLY sound like something you can do today and succeed?
This system can’t be further from the truth.
So, we were always told to Invest our money into the Stock Market and let the Economy take care of us. The plan was always simple…
We would Invest and let other people do the hard work. We would hope to get a 10% PASSIVE Income stream from our hard work and savings. But, the reality is that we can forget these kinds of returns, we’re actually lucky if we don’t get NEGATIVE returns!
See, from Day #1, the Wealthy have known ONE thing:
We used to turn to the Stock Market for that, but today, the World has changed. It’s time we evolved as well. I still agree that in order to be wealthy, we need multiple streams of passive income, however, the approach to getting those streams – is completely different today.
Here’s the #1 advice I can give you today.
Stop relying on OTHER people to take care of your future.
Not your parents.
Not your children.
Not the Government.
No one.
Saving money and hoping that those savings will somehow lead to Wealth is absolutely a waste of time and energy. It’s such a waste that it’s downright nuts.
So, what should someone do?
Listen, we’re in a new age. We’re in the DIGITAL age.  The Industrial Age is over and is now being replaced by the Information Age.   This is leading to some major opportunities for everyone.
The only question is will you take the opportunity.

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