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More new millionaires will be created in 2017 than in any previous year in history…
Check this out…
The Deloitte Center for Financial Services did a study talking about the abundance in our society and wrote this into their findings report:
 “Prepare yourself for the decade of the multiplying millionaires: By the end of 2020, the number of affluent households that will cross the line into seven figure status is expected to virtually double the ranks of millionaires in the United States.”
But that’s not all, because it gets even better…
The Deloitte report goes on to say:
 “The number of millionaires is forecast to rise 72.5% worldwide and the odds are even more stacked in your favor if you live in the U.S. because the number of millionaires is forecast to rise even sharper with a 96.2% jump.”
It’s crazy that in the past decade alone global wealth has risen by 69 percent and just a few short years ago in 2013 the number of millionaires grew by 2 million people.
So here’s the ultimate question: 5, 10, 20 years from now when you’re looking back on this era of financial abundance what’s your story going to be?
Is your story going to be one of hard work, anger and frustration that leads to someone else becoming rich?
Or is it going to be one of freedom and enjoyment as you become the captain of your own ship?
Let’s get down to where the rubber meets the road here…
How do you capitalize on all of this prosperity that has completely surrounded you?
Simple: Entrepreneurship.
Just look at the evidence. I shared some above with the Deloitte study, but here’s more…
CNN Money did their own study on the 7 traits the rich have in common.
The very first trait was ENTREPRENEURSHIP, and I could show you 100 more studies just like it to prove this true if you needed convincing…
… but I’m guessing you don’t need convincing, because you’re seeing all of the wealth and prosperity right here on the internet (every single day) just like I am.
Isn’t that right?
So it’s probably no surprise to you when I say that Entrepreneurship is the only true path left to freedom.
More and more people are adopting this as common sense as they realize the 9 to 5 solution is not the answer.
In fact it’s DEAD.
 So what are you waiting for??? Get a move on and start doing something so you are one of those new millionaires in 2017!! 🙂

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