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Good morning,

Crypto currencies are here to stay whether we believe in them and like them or not :-). Big financial institutions are taking notice, the wealthiest people on Earth also, so best to follow the lead of those who know :-).

Grant you, not all the crypto coins popping up will survive (or have any value), but I suspect a lot of them will.

I have a few myself 🙂 Different ones, some not worth anything yet, but time will show.

I find it best try to go with the flow…..times are changing, technologies are advancing, if we don’t try to keep up a bit, we will be left behind.

If you think this is just crazy talk, tell it to people who bought Bitiocoin 7 years ago…….it was more of a science fiction back then, yet some people took a chance anyway….

Here is a fun article to read 🙂


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