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Good morning,

I have mentioned DasCoin on several occasions before….but now the launch date is nearing…..

The official starting date (when they start to mine the coin) is Saturday, January 14th.

At the last live event the Blockchain was shown to public, which is apparently a big deal :-).

It means that we are no longer investing in a pipe dream, it is a real crypto currency, the only thing which remains to be seen, is how much will it be worth? The future will show :-).

There are big plans for DasCoin, so far they have been implementing stage by stage as planned (plus or minus few days), so all seems to be looking good.

Around the middle of the year the plan is to take DasCoin to an outside market/exchange which will set its first prize. You also will be able to buy and sell it.

There is a mobile-pay app, which is ready and waiting to be connected to 20mln plus vendors, so we will be able to pay with it! Exciting times!

It is still a great time to put your toes in a water and join the movement into the future!


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