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Good morning,

Rejection is painful. We all have experienced it, in private life, in business or both.

Every networker knows this. Every salesperson knows this.  It’s always difficult to hear, “No.”

Sometimes we’re told, the No’s are good for us. Sometimes we’re told, we should appreciate the No’s. Love the No’s. Embrace them. I don’t like hearing “No.

What’s really interesting about all those “No’s” is …….. What happens next?

Every romantic comedy, from A Midsummer Night’s Dream to Tootsie, hinges on the sting of rejection. The explosion, the vehement repulsion, the split, the flat-out “You? Never!” always occurs somewhere during that midnight that soon, amazingly, leads to the dawn of Yes.

The “No!” has to occur. It is the little death that clears the way for new life. The wintry freeze that fertilizes the coming spring. When Harry first met Sally there simply wasn’t room for them to fall in love; they both first needed their personalities stretched out a bit.

And it’s not just in the movies. It happens in real life, too. Our lives. I’ve certainly known rejection, and I know you have, too. Everyone has. It’s part of the human life.

And that, I think, may be the why of it, the bigger reason behind the various circumstantial reasons. That’s the reason the person we’re talking to about our business says, “Okay, but not for me, not interested.” It’s because, before we experience the success toward which we are aiming, we first need a bit of that Harry-and-Sally stretching.

It seems to me, the purpose of rejection is to make more room.

To make enough room to grow in.


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