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Good morning ūüôā

Soo……you want success in your life…… Seriously??

Have you thought it through??

Success is a one way ticket. It is beautiful up there at the top, but also can be very lonely, and sacrifices to get there are often humongous. See for yourself. Those are just examples…

Lets say you decide to be attractive or/and have a great sculpted body. After years of hard work you accomplish it. You are so proud of your self! And you should be. Some people will say that you are stupid, vein and you were taking steroids.

If you happen to make a lot of money, because you are smart enough, shrewd enough or just happen to be in the right place at the right time, you might here that you are a swindler or you stole it.

If you happen to become famous you will become a product for the media, who will often lie about you ¬†just to get “likes” or comments on social media, they will try benefitting from smearing your name.

If you decide to move abroad and follow your dreams there, for a lot of country man you won’t be a patriot anymore….

If you learn a new language and will use it successfully, someone¬†might point out¬†that your accent is all wrong or you used¬†wrong word in the sentence…(chances are they don’t speak a second language themselves).

If you happen to find a better solution for an existing problem, a solution which will revolutionize the industry, you will get applause from many but also resistance from the “old” guarding the previous “order”.

If you will share something for free trying to help other people, you might hear that you doing it for personal gain.

If you should win an Olimpic Medal, sooner or later someone will pose the question: “what did you take?”.

When some will admire you, find you inspiring, others will hate you because you remind them of their bleak existence and the things they want to have but they don’t. They will talk about you, judge you even if they never met you nor talked to you.

When you open a business and it is successful it will be only a matter of time till you get labeled as “greedy” and “exploiting others”.

If you finally driving your dream sports car you will hear that you compensating your “other” shortcomings. ¬†The Louis Vitton ¬†bag that you always wanted is just “throwing money away” and the younger partner is just in it for the money or she needed a “daddy”.

Before you give up on your dreams of success, answer the following questions…

Do you prefer to look and feel great or look in the mirror and turn your head away in disgust?

Do you prefer to have enough money to be free to do whatever you want, buy whatever your heart desires or be constantly worried about money just to pay bills?

Would you prefer to travel the world, see and experience different cultures or be stuck in one place?

Would you prefer to follow the idea and dreams that you have for your life or try to be average and non descript just not to stand out to avoid criticism from others?

Would you rather help others that want and need your help or risk rejection by people who don’t even want to help themselves?

Would you rather aim to be really good at something or be average, never distinguishable from the masses?

Would you rather take on whatever life throws at you or run away and hide, to ultimately loose at life?

Would you rather surround yourself with people that inspire you and motivate you to do great things or with people that drag you down emotionally and intellectually?

Answer those questions. You have been warned. Everything that I just mentioned awaits for you at the top. You can decide now if you are willing to pay the price.


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