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I suppose all people beginning a Network Marketing Career have that fear…the fear of talking to people about their new business.

It’s important to remember that your why and the passion  for the business are going to be the reason for your future success. Without enthusiasm and an almost  compulsive  obsession you stand weak chances to succeed.

Many distributors are overcome with anxiety and fear at the thought of talking to people about their businesses.

Approaching people excitedly and enthusiastically will help overcome this because these virtues will be reflected in your attitude, body language, and especially your smile. Once that passion, enthusiasm and that smile are ignited from within, anxiety, doubt and fear will be replaced by poise, confidence, belief and high expectations.

Procrastination, doubt, and fear represent a poison that can be fatal. The remedy for this is to get out there overflowing with passion and enthusiasm. Re-ignite your business by using all your products every day. Believe in them and what they can do, believe in your company, and commit to working harder and smarter. As soon as you do these things, the toxins are neutralized and the health of your business is restored.

Reading about successful people in this business, you will see that they don’t doubt, fear, or procrastinate and they are genuinely enthusiastic and passionate about what they do.

The next time you find yourself in a situation where you are afraid to talk to people, confront and conquer this fear with your enthusiasm for your products, and confidence in your company.

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