Good morning:-)

I don’t know what you were thinking, but I was talking about making money¬†online…:-)…. internet marketing, internet opportunities…whatever you want to call it,

So why is not everybody giving it a shot?

I heard a lot of explanations:

  • years of beliefs that stability comes from traditional job and a paycheck;
  • it looks too easy/to good to be true -so must be a scam;
  • don’t want to be bothered with learning more about using social media and networking;
  • afraid to leave a comfort zone…and learn perhaps a totally new skills;

I was thinking, what would happen to the world if everyone who was unhappy with their job/pay would start making money online? Who would fill the positions of minimum wage, uninspiring jobs?

I suppose I don’t have to worry about that… won’t happen…

Internet marketing, home based businesses are simply not for everyone….whatever the reasons might be.


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