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I found this interesting article on how to grow your business in today’s global market. Enjoy!

Thanks to the Internet and mobile devices, anyone today can reach a global audience and build their business like never before. Welcome to the 21st Century of Entrepreneurship! Social media is our social playground in this virtual global community. Here are some tips for building with intention in this new and expanded marketplace.

1- Get Visible

Think of your profile as your storefront. When people land on your social media profile, how do they feel? Is it inviting? Are you creating value, teaching others and putting out valuable content? FB Live is so HOT right now, but often I see people carry on about nothing. You have to create “interrupt” with your audience, make it inviting, yet unique. Think of a catchy phrase or sentence to trigger an emotion so they click to watch your video.

2- Build Credibility

This is the time to build a personal and professional brand. Old-school ways of advertising are outdated. Everything you say or do can either build up your brand or tear it down. As a network marketer, I want to make sure my page content is not running like an infomercial. Branding my products, services, or opportunity is a no-no. Your business is “You, Inc.,” so what do you want that storefront to look like? Sell you first, then everything follows after a relationship is established.

3- Follow Your Heart

We have the saying, “follow your gut and it won’t lead you the wrong way.” That’s your intuition, your driving force, and compass. If it feels wrong, don’t do it. If it feels right, keep going. Notice I didn’t say if it feels “uncomfortable” then stop. Anytime we build a business, it’s like birthing a new life. There are uneasy times, things that need to be figured out, and bumps on the road. Fear starts to show up, the ego wants to protect you, but if your heart and passion are aligned, then the rest will follow suit.

4- Lead to Inspire

Inspiration leads us to uncover life’s greatest gifts. It brings success, fulfillment, and gratitude. It makes us feel alive and push beyond the status quo. Your business is the extension of who you are, and when we are inspired and inspire others, we can make our greatest contributions.

5- Expand Your Social Circle

Become aware of those around you and get your head out of your phone. Start to network on purpose, build the relationship, and make it valuable. You constantly want to expand your list by adding to it. Ask for referrals, go to networking events, volunteer, join a social club or a new fitness class, etc. Relationships are the lifeline of your business. It takes time and energy, but cultivating a valuable relationship is worth every minute.

6- Create Consistency

Everyone has a voice, everyone has choices, and as entrepreneurs, each one of us can do something in a certain way that is better or more aligned than the next person. So your job is to figure out what that is and live it to your fullest. Once you do discover it, you have then created your niche. After figuring out your niche, you want to grow through taking consistent, persistent action. You will experiment, refine, and probably fail along the way. All these experiences are part of the game. It’s part of being an Evolving Entrepreneur. When you don’t make quitting an option, there’s no other place you can go than up.
7- Let Patience Pay Off

There is nothing like an overnight success unless you win the lotto. Even then, people end up losing everything because they weren’t conditioned for that experience. Very rarely is anything handed to you on a silver platter, so let’s set some realistic expectations. You must put in the hours, energy, resources, and consistent action to build it and grow it. The money comes when you’re intentional with your time and efforts. It begins from within and reflects outwards.

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