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Isn’t it the most exciting time to be building a network marketing business? Yes it is, according to an article I found:-)

Millennials are jumping on board, seeing it as a “portable” way of living;
Baby Boomers are recognizing it as a smarter way than 401Ks ;
Stay-at-home moms are creating big business and even retiring their spouses;
Professionals are capturing the vision of not having to work until they drop merely to keep on top of their insurance premiums!
A larger portion of people now view network marketing on equal grounding with traditional and franchising models of business. What’s most exciting to me is the number of people doing business face-to-face instead of hiding behind Facebook or Skype or e-mail.

Here are 5 simplest, fastest, and most fun ways to finding new prospects effortlessly face-to-face.

1- Meet Ups. When you first sign up to, you will probably be inundated with emails about new groups being started almost daily. Once you are clear on exactly who your target market is, you can join the relevant Meet Ups to find those people. Attend meetings regularly, build relationships, and see the magic that unfolds!
2- BNI. These are typically breakfast clubs, however the real benefit behind BNI is the referral system. Always be upfront that you are a network marketer, as some people are still in the “dark ages,” so you want to be sure you are in a group that’s supportive of your business. Contrary to Meet Ups, BNI has a membership fee, but with pretty much guaranteed referrals coming your way, it’s hard to go wrong with this group.
3- Moms Business Networking Groups. If you type this into Google you will no doubt find many in your local area. Here in Australia, we have Motivating Mum, Ausmumpreneur, Business Chicks – the list is endless. If you are a mom, this is definitely the place for inspiration, motivation, and you never know – new business partners and customers, as women typically love to buy from each other.
4- Specific Network Marketing Groups. Here in Australia, we have Savvy Circles Network which is an amazing group designed to promote collaboration, connection, and conversation, especially for Direct Marketers. You may need to dig around, but I’m guessing there would be some in every major capital city around the world.
5- Local Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce etc. These are an incredible way to network with local business owners. Local people tend to want to support other local businesses, so don’t hold back and check one of these out. Your local council/shire office will no doubt be able to assist.

These are only five suggestions, and I know there are many more opportunities out there. Trust, rapport and building relationships is so much easier, faster, and fun when you can meet with people face-to-face.

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