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Good morning,

It is little over one year now, that I have “discovered”internet and all the opportunities for financial freedom it brings.

I still don’t always know what I am doing (about half the time anyway) but I am doing it anyway. It is so much fun! I have learned a lot, lost some money, made some too, but this is the prize I pay for education :-).

When you think about it, people pay for education, for schools they attend , I payed for hands-on experience.

It was, still is well worth it. I have learned a lot,  and will continue to do so in years to come.

I have been following crypto currencies news as a whole, some specific more than others.

I am sure that most of people heard about Bitcoin by now. If not, I would suggest read about it. Aquatint yourself with the concept. I believe is here to stay.


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