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Two people can grow up in the same town, attend the same schools, hold the same social status, have parents with similar incomes, beliefs, and family values, yet one individual will excel in business far beyond the level of the other. One will succeed; one will settle. One will rise, one will remain. One will control; one will conform. What’s the difference? What makes one an outstanding business leader and the other an average employee?

Below are five traits that are common in uncommon achievers. All five are actions and attitudes that set apart the individual of accomplishment and success. The best way to identify these traits and be able to recognize them in yourself or your peers is to understand the actions that are a product of the characteristics. The following five actions and accompanying traits portray the exceptional achiever and great leader.

1- Great business leaders BELIEVE

Throughout history, the people who have achieved success are those who have been sustained by a strong, unshakable belief in themselves. They believed in their own talents and abilities. They believed in what they felt called to do, and these great men and women believed—even though others around them opposed them or failed to support them.

Their MINDSET was the greatest factor in determining their outcome.

Each person has the power to choose what to believe about their own potential and what they think about their own life. Beliefs shape attitude, and one’s attitude determines whether or not life is seen as an ongoing series of obstacles or opportunities. The greats choose to believe in themselves and choose to have a positive mindset, anticipating and seeking out challenges, with the confidence and unwavering belief that they have the ability to win.
2- Great business leaders THINK big

They have the consistent habit of imagining a solution that has not been tried, of devising an explanation that has not been proven, or of creating a result that goes against conventional thinking. They have the ability to dream and to move away from the expected into the realm of experiment and discovery. Whether this is a new battlefield tactic, a medical breakthrough, or a fresh marketing strategy, great leaders are open to change and willing to challenge what currently exists for the potential of a revolutionary discovery.

Great business leaders are people of great IMAGINATION.
They are pioneers, and they dare to dream. Discoveries and inventions are made because people dare to dream and intentionally think bigger than their current surroundings.
3- Great business leaders LOOK intently and with total focus

They have complete attentiveness on the results they are working to achieve. Focus equals direction. A person with driving focus is able to let go of everything that does not move them toward their goal. They can say “no’”to extraneous distractions and do not let the opinions of others deter them from their purpose.
The average person tends to be busy rather than effective, and stretched to the limits rather than focused. Great leaders have extraordinary FOCUS. They possess a clearly identified goal, and they move toward that objective with single-mindedness and intense concentration.

4- Great business leaders DO what they say

Great leaders have INTEGRITY. This means they will do exactly what they say they will do. Circumstances may change. New situations may arise. The agreement may no longer be beneficial. Nevertheless, great leader will keep their word. They will not compromise their principles for convenience or advantage. Because of this, their people trust them, and for leaders to be effective, they must have the trust of their people.

The brilliant Albert Einstein summed up this trait well when he said, “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”

5- Great business leaders STAND up, stand out, and stand strong.

The world does not pay you for what you know; it pays you for what you do. The world does not pay you for your dreams; it rewards your actions and achievements. Great leaders stand up and take action. Great leaders also stand out. They choose not be average; they choose to be exceptional and extraordinary. And great leaders stand strong and lead with COURAGE. Even in the face of doubt and uncertainty, knowing that failure may come, they continue to stand.

They endure against the fear of criticism, the fear of failure, and the fear of the unknown. Their courage is greater than their fear, and they prevail in the face of disappointment and setbacks, becoming outstanding mentors and leaders.

So, what is the difference in the two people from the same town and same background?

One chose to discover the characteristics of greatness, to develop and practice them, and make them part of his DNA. The other chose to be a spectator in the game of life.

Winning is intentional. Success is earned. And great leaders are marked by their actions.


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