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Most people would love to make a little extra money, but often that extra income requires extra work. Are you frustrated with the amount of money you’re bringing in? Have you ever thought about creating multiple income streams, but just don’t know where to start? You may need to start thinking outside the box.


1. Brainstorm 

Develop as many ideas as possible, no matter how ridiculous you think they sound. Narrow them down by focusing on the ones that have the most money-making potential. Choose ideas that do not require large sums of initial monetary investments from you. Those ideas need to resonate with you. If you care about it, then others will be more inclined to as well.

2. Focus on why it can work

Focus on the positive while keeping your feet on the ground. Your desires come to fruition, so put your energy into thoughts that serve you and your new business. Lose your worry because no one has ever been rewarded for fear. Move beyond fear and create your reality with your positive thoughts.

3. Anyone can create multiple streams of income if they want it badly enough

Just because you can sit in your pj’s on the couch does not mean you are not creating revenue. Whether you are a homemaker or a busy executive, it is possible to create additional income streams. Your business thrives by you leveraging your time and efforts. It can be something small at first that only requires a few hours each week.

4. Find your community

It takes a village in every scenario in life. Find supportive people and keep them close. You’re not the first person to create more income streams and you won’t be the last. To increase your chances of becoming more successful, don’t do it alone.

5. Be passionate about what you are creating and doing

Your energy is magnetic, whether it be business or pleasure. You will attract the energy you are putting out. If you are in love with your business, others will wonder how they can be too. Creating a business strictly for the money will not sustain you. The money will flow when you are of service to others and excited about the difference you can make.

 6. Be patient, it takes time

Instant gratification is not the right mindset with which to start a new business. Patience is the key. Everything worth having takes time to grow and blossom. Have a clear vision of where you want the business to go, but know that it does take time to get to that place.

7. No one will do it for you….so…screw it, just do it! (as a title of a book says)

Jump, but have a plan first. The money is out there for the taking, but you must be the one with the drive to make it happen. When people realize that you truly do have something to offer, they will gladly spend money to receive it. After all, money traded for value is the very premise of business and capitalism. Sometimes the only thing standing in the way, however, is you. You need to make the first move.


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