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Good morning,

After about 6 month of waiting (that is the time I bought in) DasCoin ( a hybrid crypto currency) is finally live! The blockchain was started on Friday the 31st of March.

What does it mean?

It means that NetLeaders (the company behind the project) started minting the Coin!

It is very exciting news to anyone who has a stake in it or maybe just watching it from the sidelines and wondering if they too should join.

The company has big plans for the coin and technology behind it as the whole. Being a hybrid currency makes it more transparent for Governments (unlike i.e. Bitcoin, Zcash) so it has a chance to become more mainstream. The promise of introducing Daspay (technology used by Visa and Master cards) will make it ideal for micro transactions thus perfect for everyday use.

As with all startups, getting in at ground zero has the biggest risk/reward ratio. It is not a startup anymore. We have a coin! Now it is just a question how high it will go after hitting the outside markets (tentative plans of introducing it to the market-beginning of next year).

It is not too late to join….the risk is smaller so is the reward, but I believe it is worth  a shot! Just look at he history of Bitcoin or other coins that came up in recent years.

You can get in for as little as 100 Euro (417 coins today) or as much as 25000 Euro (341.379 coins). The amount of coins in each license is decreasing steadily so better buy your license sooner than later. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to email me.

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