Good morning,

If you have been following alt coins at all, you know they have been popping up like mushrooms after rain. Usually the projects try to collect money upfront by ICOs, crowdsale or whatever other form of getting money they can.

There is so many new ones, they are webpages dedicated to upcoming or ongoing ICOs. How to choose a good one? Well, that is a million dollar question, insn’t it?

I recently found one..I hope a good one:-) It is called Ethbits. It will be a p2p exchange (where you can purchase crypto currency) and starting next year they will feature a trading platform. What got me interested in it is copy trading.

What is it?

Apparently you can “attach” yourself to experience traders (they provide their stats so you can observe them for a while) and the trades will be done for you automatically following the people you choose. I think it is an excellent idea, especially for us new to the game, and not wanting to loose our shirts on a first trading day!

I suggest you check them out. The ICO runts till 13th of May.



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