Good morning,

I just started my adventure with alt coins about 3 month ago….but I am pretty happy with the results:-) As you can see the value of my portfolio has grown a bit:-).

I don’t really have a strategy….maybe one: buy cheap and sell for more in the future:-)

I try to read about different projects, evaluate their future outlook¬†as much as it is possible in this early stages and buy some coins….

A lot of people say it is too late to buy Bitcoin because it is nearing $2000 for 1 coin.

I say it is not too late, it is just very expensive… if you cannot afford Bitcoin, why not try some startup or an inexpensive coin with possibility to grow?

Another project that I am involved in is DasCoin…you can start for as little as 100 Euro….

Why don’t you read about it or ask me questions…you don’t want to miss out on something what could possibly be a revolution …

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