Good morning:-)

I have not written anything for a while….busy busy busy…..

I am totally engrossed in crypto currency markets. It is a fascinating world!

There is definitely a boom for Bitcoin and Altcoins because most of them are growing like crazy :-).

It seems that no matter what I┬áinvest in I am up….for now anyway. There are a few coins that are down at the moment, but because I spread my money between many, the losses are not big.

This is not a investment advice, but I believe that Altcoins already have and will in the future produce many millionaires.

And ofcourse Bitcoin….the price predictions are astronomical…..I agree with one guy I heard say: buy one and keep it for years…it probably will surprise you:-)

As to our topic….making money on the internet…yes it is very possible. I have been at it for over one year now and here is my experience:

  • the most money is made by marketers, through all kinds of referral systems; it goes for revenue sharing programs and others too

If you are not a great network marketer, don’t like to talk to your friends or strangers about what you do, than it will be more difficult…not impossible though…

I pretty much gave up on rev shares, I am still clicking on two, the third one-Traffic Monsoon is in court-outcome to be determined. So far I lost money on that. If I can believe the US courts system, I might get my money back in few years…or not, time will show.

I think there is more money to be made by investing in Altcoins. Whether you are a trader or hold the coins till they  increase in value over time, this is I believe the way to go, at least for me.

Like with every investment, especially startups, caution is advised.

DON”T invest more than you can afford to loose.

Here is a screenshot of my portfolio taken yesterday. You can compare it the one in previous post taken few weeks ago. It has doubled since!


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