Good morning:-) It is Friday again….time seems to be flying when you’re having fun! For some the long awaited weekend is coming, for others ……well, some of us are lucky enough to take a weekend whenever we want. Here is just a short motivational video that I found. Enjoy!   Motivational  … Read More

  Good morning, It is little over one year now, that I have “discovered”internet and all the opportunities for financial freedom it brings. I still don’t always know what I am doing (about half the time anyway) but I am doing it anyway. It is so much fun! I have learned a lot, lost some… Read More

Good morning:-) Isn’t it the most exciting time to be building a network marketing business? Yes it is, according to an article I found:-) Millennials are jumping on board, seeing it as a “portable” way of living; Baby Boomers are recognizing it as a smarter way than 401Ks ; Stay-at-home moms are creating big business… Read More

Good morning, This is an inserts of article I found on this interesting subject…. Two people can grow up in the same town, attend the same schools, hold the same social status, have parents with similar incomes, beliefs, and family values, yet one individual will excel in business far beyond the level of the other.… Read More

Good morning, People have PHDs in excuses and haven’t even completed primary schools in finding solutions….I am sure you understand what I mean.. Here are excuses mostly used (not all I am sure) by all of us to justify our lack of action, laziness and incompetence. It can’t be done Because you don’t know how to… Read More

Good morning:-) I don’t know what you were thinking, but I was talking about making money online…:-)…. internet marketing, internet opportunities…whatever you want to call it, So why is not everybody giving it a shot? I heard a lot of explanations: years of beliefs that stability comes from traditional job and a paycheck; it looks too… Read More

Good morning, THEY say that the best investment you can make is in yourself… Invest time and money in educating yourself about different stuff… I found this video very educational…I hope you do too. Enjoy!   Watch me 🙂… Read More

Good morning:-) I suppose all people beginning a Network Marketing Career have that fear…the fear of talking to people about their new business. It’s important to remember that your why and the passion  for the business are going to be the reason for your future success. Without enthusiasm and an almost  compulsive  obsession you stand weak chances… Read More

Good morning:-) I found this interesting article on how to grow your business in today’s global market. Enjoy! Thanks to the Internet and mobile devices, anyone today can reach a global audience and build their business like never before. Welcome to the 21st Century of Entrepreneurship! Social media is our social playground in this virtual… Read More