Good morning 🙂 Soo……you want success in your life…… Seriously?? Have you thought it through?? Success is a one way ticket. It is beautiful up there at the top, but also can be very lonely, and sacrifices to get there are often humongous. See for yourself. Those are just examples… Lets say you decide… Read More

Good morning, Crypto currencies are here to stay whether we believe in them and like them or not :-). Big financial institutions are taking notice, the wealthiest people on Earth also, so best to follow the lead of those who know :-). Grant you, not all the crypto coins popping up will survive (or have… Read More

Good morning 🙂   I found this somewhere on the internet…makes for an interesting read 🙂   BREAKING NEWS:   More new millionaires will be created in 2017 than in any previous year in history…   How?   Check this out…   The Deloitte Center for Financial Services did a study talking about the abundance… Read More

  Good morning 🙂   This is a continuation of my internet endeavors of finding things online that pay you for performing small tasks. This company is in testing faze. They have about 100 000 people using this program and testing it as they work out glitches and problems. What is it about? In short :… Read More

Good morning, Rejection is painful. We all have experienced it, in private life, in business or both. Every networker knows this. Every salesperson knows this.  It’s always difficult to hear, “No.” Sometimes we’re told, the No’s are good for us. Sometimes we’re told, we should appreciate the No’s. Love the No’s. Embrace them. I don’t… Read More

Good morning, Every thinking person has a sincere desire to succeed. You want to win; I want to win. Individuals in their right minds do not get out of bed in the morning and lay out a plan to lose, then attempt to follow that plan. (Although, I must admit, at times it certainly appears… Read More

Good morning, I have mentioned DasCoin on several occasions before….but now the launch date is nearing….. The official starting date (when they start to mine the coin) is Saturday, January 14th. At the last live event the Blockchain was shown to public, which is apparently a big deal :-). It means that we are no longer… Read More

  I found this article by Robert Kiyosaki (author of “Rich dad, poor dad”). I copied a piece of it… It is a worthwhile read.. Now that the U.S. Election is over – I have good news & I have bad news…   Let me start first with a harsh reality. No matter what anyone… Read More