Hi, I am nearing the end of my 30 day PIPS training. I learned some new things….but like I said, not everything is for me. I got the free website out of it, which is not bad. I customized it myself-a first time for me, so I definitely learned something new. Now that I have… Read More

Hi, I am trying some new advertising sites. I figure the more different things I try, the bigger possibility that something will work. The key is bringing traffic to your site. How to do it….that is a million dollar question….… Read More

Hello again, I have to think of other ways to advertise….I don’t think those solo ads worked for me:-(. Too bad….. I am new at this, so I am reading about it, asking people with more experience…..we’ll see what comes out of it.. I am not sure if people got burned by home businesses or… Read More

Happy Monday! I took a whole weekend off!:-). I needed it. Today it’s back to work. Still not sure how to connect this page to social networks….last time I tried it didn’t work……oh well, ……maybe I just keep writing for myself/to myself:-). I can’t wait for the transition within Traffic Monsoon to be over. It… Read More

Good morning, I have sent follow-up letters to all the prospects that I got through my “advertising campaign”. I guess the guy promised me traffic to my landing page, not really conversions-people actually buying something. Nobody can guarantee that. I have to wait and see. Unfortunately patience is not one of my virtues…… Read More

Good morning, Traffic Monsoon is really working:-). I started on the 7th of December with 1 adpack. I watched it for a week, read more about the site, the owner and what it’s all about and bought some more adpacks. A month later on January 7th I made my last out of packet purchase of… Read More

Good morning, Do you ever stop and think about Destiny? Why was I put here on Earth? What is my purpose? I am pretty sure we all have one… What is mine?…I wonder… Maybe it is what I am doing at the moment….as I like to call it: finding alternative ways of making money:-). I realize… Read More

Hello, I have connected Jetpack to my site yesterday. It is a plugin that is recommended to improve your site’s visibility.  It is suppose to show stats and connect it to third party, like search engines…whatever that means;-) Somehow it managed to scramble my page a bit, so I had to disconnect it for now. I… Read More

Hello, Sunday was a day off…sort of. I was thinking: an auto-responder…….to have or not to have…this is the big question. I got a free trial of GetResponse and I am trying to make sense of it. I understand the necessity of having a service like that when you have a lot of leads, big… Read More

Hello, I had a busy day yesterday. Didn’t really feel like posting. I got a strange call….the person said he was following up to see how my site was coming along and wanted to help me with promoting and marketing it, getting a business line of credit and some other advice. I didn’t  really want whatever… Read More