There was a song, don’t remember by whom: “..looking for love in all the wrong places,….”, same holds true for finding our abundance and happiness. There are I am sure many places to look, but there are 5 where we could all start and take it from there. Relationships Family, friends, that special someone.  Creating… Read More

Good morning:-) Sooo…..I am back from Japan! It was amazing! What an experience! I traveled with a wonderful group of people that met there for the first time.I made new friends and new travel companions for future adventures. I have seen a lot, experienced a lot; this is the life I want for myself:-). Traveling… Read More

  Good morning 🙂 Do you have a bucket list?… know, list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket? 🙂 I do! One of the things on this list is to travel the world :-). Yes, I love to travel! And guess what?? I am off to Japan for 2 weeks!… Read More

Good morning, If you want to get rich, probably a good idea would be to start studying those who already are :-). Below, I have listed 11 habits of self-made billionaires. You may notice that none of them require dramatic life changes — a few tweaks here and there to your daily routine could result in… Read More

  Good morning, Everyone needs someone to look up to. Someone who has already done what you are trying to do, someone who can answer questions that you might have, someone to cheer you on along the way… Not all of us are lucky enough to meet somebody like that, but with the possibilities available to… Read More

  Good morning, I started my online “adventure” almost a year ago. I came across revenue sharing in December 2015. I din’t know what it was, didn’t understand the business model but went ahead and started it anyway. I figured I  will learn along the way. I took a chance. Did it pay off? Not… Read More

Good morning:-) What is courage? According to one definition I found: it is The ability to do something that frightens one; bravery. That means acting in spite of fear one might feel. There is no lack of fear, but we choose to act anyway. We face decisions like this everyday…..big or small….there is a sense of… Read More

Good morning, Here are tips on how to have a great day. Follow them and your day will get better: Work out! stimulates chemicals in your body that actually make you feel better! Read a set of powerful affirmations: program yourself with power and excitement Do something for someone else: call someone to make their day,… Read More