i Good morning, I was listening to a video done by one of the leaders in online business and he made a lot of valid points:-) People ask him: hey, I have only, lets say $50 what should I do with it, and by the way when will I see the returns?? It is… Read More

  Good morning, There has been a lot of talk about crypto currencies  on FB recently….a lot of different ones popping up, new mining groups one can join, etc. One of them grabbed my attention…..DasCoin. Why this one? I don’t know..call it a hunch, somehow it sounds very good. If everything works as is planned… Read More

  Good morning, Success in our lives depends on how strongly WE believe that it is possible! Sure it is great to have a support system-people who believe in us, believe with us in our dreams. Sadly, this is often not the case. No matter what happens in your life always remember: You have to… Read More

Good morning:-)   I found this short video from one of network marketing millionaires… Either Way, Life Is Hard – Pick Your Hard! I don’t necessary agree with this statement …….Life is what you make of it, everything depends on your attitude. But I do agree that some of us tend to make it harder… Read More

  Good morning, Don’t we all have a few of those things? Things, that we could have done, but for whatever reasons we didn’t. Opportunities that passed because we didn’t act on them in time. Like I mentioned before in one of my post I got interested in Bitcoins recently. I was daydreaming what if…….what… Read More

Good morning, We all would love to travel the world…wouldn’t we?..or maybe some people don’t have that desire…. I know how it is with me: the more I travel the more I want it! 🙂 It is highly addictive……seeing the world, experiencing different cultures, eating the food and drinking the wine:-). Doesn’t get much better… Read More

  Good morning, Who is a Network Marketing Superstar? Well…according to Eric Worre (he is one of them) it is someone in a Network Marketing profession making over $1 mln/year. Here is the list he made after interviewing many individuals who where making this kind of money. It turns out they all do and share those… Read More

  Good morning, Success can be defined in a number of ways. If you look up the definition, you will find several you may agree with; the accomplishment of one’s goals, the attainment of wealth, position, honors. All these definitions are correct—and none of them are. When it comes to success, there isn’t a set-in-stone… Read More

  Good morning, Yes…Bitcoins are on my mind since the beginning of this year. I read about them, liked what I heard…just didn’t do too much. I have to say in my defense that I am still collecting my free satoshis, and I bought my 2 first Bitcoins. Since my transaction the price is up, so… Read More